Political Karaoke by Martina Lajczak

"Political Karaoke" (2019-2020) is a photographic discourse, a political statement, interpretation and portrait. The series consists of twelve portraits of Austrian musicians and bands as well as twelve corresponding photographic visualizations of politically relevant songs, that the musicians themselves chose. It is a fragmentary observation of the current activist music scene in Vienna and tries to pay attention to the political topics that are discussed within this scene. In its attempt to draw an axis between photography, politics and music "Political Karaoke" also deals with the question how relevant political contemplation is in the production of applied photography today.

  • Portrait of Denice Bourbon for Political Karaoke
  • Still Life of Bluebell by Babes in Toyland for Political Karaoke
  • Portrait of The Telly Martin Gupper
  • Still Life for Shout to the Top by The Style Council
  • Portrait of Voodoo Juergens for Political Karaoke
  • Das Ende des Kabarett by Heinz R. Unger for Political Karaoke at Austria Parliament
  • Portrait of Mwita Mataro from At Pavillon
  • Mensch by Herbert Groenemeyer
  • Portrait of Fauna for Political Karaoke
  • Still Life for Rettet die Wale by Gustav
  • Portrait of Vera Kropf
  • Still Life for Unter dem Pflaster liegt der Strand by Schneewittchen
  • Portrait of Just Friends and Lovers for Political Karaoke
  • Still Life for So What by Plaided
  • Portrait of Dives for Political Karaoke
  • Still Life for You Are The Problem Here by First Aid Kit
  • Portrait of Martin Zenker from Sluff for Political Karaoke
  • Still Life of Hubschraubereinsatz for Foyer des Arts
  • Portrait of Clara Luzia for Political Kara
  • Still Life for The Militant Ecologist by Marc Ribot
  • Portrait of Andreas Spechtl for Political Karaoke
  • Still Life of Libertatia by Ja, Panik
  • Portrait of Dacid Go8lin for Political Karaoke
  • Prisoner by Xéna N.C. for Political Karaoke
Denice Bourbon
The Telly
Voodoo Jürgens
Mwita Mataro
Vera Kropf
Just Friends and Lovers
Martin Zenker
Clara Luzia
Andreas Spechtl
Dacid Go8lin